Spirituality and Wellbeing 2017

Spirituality and Wellbeing
2nd Conference
25-26 February 2017
Holiday Inn, York, UK


Speakers included:
Prof Catherine Loewenthal, author of Religion, Culture and Mental Health 


25th February (Saturday)

8.30-            Registration

9.20-9.30     Introduction


9.30-10.10   ‘What's spiritual about integrative/holistic medicine?’ Prof Charles Emmons

10.10-10.50 ‘‘It doesn’t stop at the church door...’: Experiencing healing and community in Spiritualism and beyond’ Dr Sara MacKian

10.50-11.30  ‘Exploring the variety, impact, and presence of 'Hope' within anomalous bereavement experiences: An analysis of fifty cases’ Callum Cooper


11.30-11.45       Coffee Break


11.45-12.20   ‘Changes resulting from paranormal/spiritual experiences and its effect on people’s wellbeing: An exploratory examination’ Alejandro Parra & Juan Manuel Corbetta

12.20-13.00  ‘Cultural perspective on anomalous experiences and mental wellbeing’ Dr Natalie Tobert


13.00-14.00       Lunch


14.00-14.40       ‘Secular mindfulness and the possibility of naturalistic spirituality’ Dr Graeme Nixon

14.40-15.20        ‘Creating a mindfulness sangha’ John Darwin & Mike Pupius


15.20-15.35        Coffee Break


15.35-16.10        ‘Enhancing inner strength and wellbeing: A value-based approach to healthcare’ Nirmala Ragbir-Day

16.40-16.50        Comfort Break

16.50-17.20        ‘The Inner Smile Self-Care Technique — Its Physiology and Psychology’ – Experiential Workshop with Martine Moorby


Dinner @ 19.00


26th February (Sunday)


11.35-12.15        ‘“Help For Heroes”: Warrior recovery and the Liturgy’ Dr Karen O’Donnell

12.15-13.00        ‘Ritual, spiritual experience and wellbeing’ Prof Kate Lowenthal




14.00-14.40        ‘Reflections on a Red Tent’ Dr Madeleine Castro

14.40-15.20        ‘Spiritual Communities’ Jane Negrych & Brother Richard 


15.20-15.35     Coffee Break


15.35-16.15        ‘Awakening to, and working with the higher self for health, healing and wellbeing’ Dr David Furlong

16.15-16.30        Final comments and closing

16.30 End


The second Spirituality and Wellbeing conference explored how spiritual practice, experience and involvement in spiritual communities can influence wellbeing. Amongst the subjects to be discussed included integrating spirituality into healthcare; secularity and mindfulness; building and maintaining spiritual communities; cross cultural approaches to mental health; and the psychological impact of ritual. 
A selection of these presentations will soon be avaliable to view, and have been professionally recorded. More information coming soon.